Why doesn’t Mahdi have any hands or feet?

Mahdi Gilbert was born without hands or feet on October 11, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario. No doctor or medical professional has been able to explain why this is.

Where can I find his latest tour dates?

Once tour dates are 100% confirmed they will be announced through his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We also announce dates on our blog.

Does Mahdi give Motivational Speeches?

Yes, Mahdi gives speaks through his evangelical ministry, Hands and Feet of God and through his secular motivational speaking company, The Light in The Darkness.

Where does Mahdi live?

Mahdi Gilbert usually maintains short-term residencies at a variety of events he is engaged to bring his magic to. He was born in Toronto and spends a lot of time in New York.

Does Mahdi do Real Magic?

There is nothing supernatural or sinister about what Mahdi does. Mahdi believes in magic as an experience and feeling and does real magic in that sense.

Is Mahdi Psychic?

Mahdi believes in providence and the ability to perceive hidden patterns. He has been very open about his intuition but believes it has a natural explanation.

Can I Become Mahdi’s student?

You will have to ask Mahdi personally and have already spent a considerable time studying and practicing the art of magic. Mahdi educates the public and magicians through Before Magic.

Does Mahdi Consult on Projects?

Mahdi privately consults with the biggest magicians in the world as well on stage, television, and film productions. Contact us if you have a project that you would like Mahdi to consult on.

Can Mahdi Help Me Win The Lottery?

We receive many, many messages from people asking if Mahdi can help them win the lottery or predict sports matches for gambling purposes. Mahdi will not predict lottery outcomes or interfere with gaming.

Can Mahdi Cure Me?

Mahdi Gilbert is not a doctor or medical professional and would strongly advise that you seek medical attention and counsel instead of magic.