Close-up Sleight of Hand Magician

Want to leave your guests something to talk about?

Oftentimes people will hire a magician only for him to run out of magic tricks and audiences members before the night is over. Parties last hours and no one wants to see magic tricks nonstop. Following in the footsteps of Max Malini*, Mahdi is much more than a magician; he’s a raconteur and storyteller that will have your guests split their sides with laughter at his unbelievable true stories.

When someone wants their clients to have an unforgettable night they invite Mahdi Gilbert. Used to working in a variety of exclusive gatherings Mahdi will seamlessly mingle with your guests, not as a magician, but as a guest. Magic will happen to your guests as they talk and celebrate the night away.

*Max Malini was a legendary 20th century magician who worked all the most exclusives parties and events. He was known for being high society’s entertainer and performed for Royalty, Kings & Queens, Emperors, Prime Ministers, and Presidents.

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