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Hello and thank you so much for joining me on this new venture, Living The Impossible.

As I was growing up in early adulthood I would get asked more and more to perform magic professionally, this was at a time when I was not a professional magician and I did not have a business card, a website, or even a suit to perform in but I would accept invitations to perform and do such a great job that I eventually decided to become a professional magician.

The same thing happened to me with speaking. I would be invited over and over to share the story of my life with people around the world, from schoolchildren to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and I would accept and the response was so powerful I decided I wanted to pursue this further.

I believe that experience is more valuable than theory and that is doing is much more important than considering. With no formal training I have been able to build a successful career, accomplish my dream, and share hope and wonder through my speaking and my magic in dozens of countries in front of hundreds of millions of people.

Even though I have already spoken to a wide range of audiences over several years I wanted to officially speak professionally which is why I am launching Living The Impossible.

Living The Impossible is a powerful idea for me because it means that no matter where we came from and no matter what our situation in life is that we have the free will to chose who we are and what we do on this Earth no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. I am living proof that everyone can live the life that they want to live and become the person that they want to be and I cannot wait to share my story and strategies with you so that you can be truly inspired so that you can do anything.

Thank you! - Mahdi Gilbert


Mahdi The Magician