Luís de Matos // IMPOSSÍVEL

The greatest Portugese illusionist, Luís de Matos invited Mahdi Gilbert to take part in a brand new live television magic show on RTP1 called IMPOSSÍVEL. This show features amazing human beings who have done, do, and perform the impossible and make the world a more magical place.

On September 2nd, 2017 Luís de Matos was joined by a team of legendary performers. The Clairvoyants are a duo of mentalists and mind readers. The Incredible Mr. Goodwin is one of the world's top stuntmen and escape artists. Mahdi The Magician is the only sleight of hand artist alive who performs impossible card magic without any hands. Jonglissimo is an Austrian circus juggling troupe who uses electronics. Luis Piedrahita is a Spanish comedian and magician who is world famous for his beautiful magic and comedy. David Copperfield is the world's most successful illusionist who has one of the greatest magic shows in history at the MGM in Las Vegas. He's famous for making the Statue of Liberty Disappear and Walking Through The Great Wall of China. Dynamo is a British magician famous for his television series, Impossible Magician. Patrícia Mamona is a Portuguese triple jumper who won the gold medal at 2016 European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This was her first-ever major senior title and second European Championships medal, after a silver at the 2012 championships.