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Canadian Rising Star - MAHDI GILBERT

Allan Slaight is a pioneer of rock and roll, media mogul, and philanthropist who parlayed his entrepreneurial flair with his knowledge of radio to create Canada’s largest privately owned multi-media company, Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited.

Allan Slaight is also a lifelong student of the art of magic and has contributed so much to the art of magic. Now in his eighties, continues to study magic, and co-hosts a conference, 31 Faces North, featuring some of the world’s leading practitioners. In 2015, Magicana announced the creation of the Allan Slaight Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in the pursuit of the impossible.

Mahdi Gilbert was the first magician to receive the Canadian Rising Star Allan Slaight Award.

Mahdi Gilbert with Allan Slaight
Mahdi Gilbert Canadian Rising Star Allan Slaight Award